• Hello, My name is Mary and I am a BBW.
     I am an office worker by day and a submissive sex slave by night.
     I like to dress up, put on make- up, and look like a lady in public.
     But when I come home I remove my clothes and become a sex slave to men if they want me.
     I am into all types of fetishes.
     I espescially like to do role play and expose ALL of myself in front of the camera to guys for their pleasure.

    Men only: I just love monitor type pictures or comments on my pictures from men. A "monitor type picture" is a picture taken of you in the forground and a picture of me in the background (on your monitor or printed out). So if you enjoy my pictures, I would appreciate if you could show me some monitor pictures. Some people call these "tribute" pictures, which is a tribute to me.

    [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary [207]  BBW Mary



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